• Bloon
    Bloon is the name of the pod that will carry you to Near-Space as soon as 2015
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  • Bear Grylls Survival Academy
    Bear Grylls Survival Academy
    Would you have what it takes to survive?
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  • Shark Cage Diving
    Shark Cage Diving
    So Close You Could Kiss Them!
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  • Space Affairs
    Space Affairs
    Exploring the mystery of space first-hand.
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  • Storm Chasing Across North America
    Storm Chasing Across North America
    After your first exciting view of a tornado or severe thunderstorm, all other vacations will simply pale in comparison!
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  • Canadian Arctic Safaris
    Canadian Arctic Safaris
    Touch the arctic with Churchill Wild’s unparalleled access to polar bears and other Arctic wildlife
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  • Private Space Exploration
    Private Space Exploration
    The first and only company to have sent self-funded individuals to space
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  • Bella Coola Heli Sports
    Bella Coola Heli Sports
    Ski hard all morning and then fly down for lunch to the natural hot springs overlooking Bentinck Arm. Then return to the alpine in the afternoon for more heliskiing and riding.
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  • Great Bear Lodge
    Great Bear Lodge
    Grizzly Bear viewing on the coast of British Columbia
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  • Monty Halls diving with sardines
    Monty Halls diving with sardines
    Coming soon!
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