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Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Learn the ultimate in self-rescue skills from the world’s most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure. This is a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe to be taught Bear’s eXtreme survival techniques on ‘the most challenging but empowering survival course on the planet.

Bear Grylls has become known around the world as the most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure. With seven seasons of Man Vs Wild/Born Survivor experience, and the many skills learned from his time with the British Reserve Special Forces, he is proud to have launched The Bear Grylls Survival Academy. The Academy has been designed by Bear himself and the courses will be run by his close team of highly trained experts.

Survival in the Highlands is an intensive 5 day survival skills course which culminates in a challenging 36 hour expedition to put your new found skills to the ultimate test. The course is delivered by a range of instructors from the Man v Wild/Born Survivor crew.

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Accommodation Details

All meals and accommodation are included and a large amount of equipment is on loan for the duration of the course including: Knife, mug, sleeping bag and liner, sleeping mat, rucksack and liner, head torch, water bottle and all technical safety equipment.

On completion of the course you will receive the coveted Bear Grylls Survival Academy badge and certificate, and your very own Bear Grylls Ultimate knife.

Overview Itinerary


The adventure begins at 5pm with a chance to meet your course leaders and fellow enrollees, and to ensure you have all the items on the Kit List. We will then move over rugged terrain by 4×4 vehicles to the Academy’s wilderness base camp. On arrival you will receive a safety brief, course brief and outline. You will then be issued with your personal training equipment and basic food rations.

 day 1

Day One includes a field physical training session, priorities of survival lecture and training on practical use of knots and improvised harnesses. After that we head out on the eXtreme mountain day. You will undertake navigation training and you’ll learn how to dynamically and safely ascend and descend cliff faces and difficult terrain using a variety of techniques, followed by an inspiring campfire survival lecture.

 day 2

You’ll be taken for a lesson in self-defense, self-preservation, primal instinct training and fire lighting preparation. The day continues with remote and improvised First Aid, followed by the practical use of snares, traps and drop out fishing lines. Then later, you’ll build your own emergency shelter, prepare and cook some exciting wilderness food and undertake a night navigation exercise. We then explore the art of sourcing, filtering and purifying water.

 day 3

Hopefully you’ll wake up dry and warm if you’ve built a good shelter! You’ll need to use your skills to make a fire from scratch, check the snare and drop lines. . . . have you caught anything for a ‘wilderness’ breakfast? Today continues with a stalking lecture and exercise, a river crossing training exercise and you will practice a range of techniques for crossing ravines and moving across, up and down difficult eXtreme terrain by use of rope climbing, tyrolean line and classic abseil techniques. The day concludes with prepping for the remote final 36 hour Final Exercise.

 day 4

Final Exercise… let’s just say you’ll be putting all your new found skills to good use!

 Day 5

If you are successful then we have the final passing out parade and awarding of the BG Survival Academy certificates and knives.

Minimum Fitness Levels

Bear Grylls Survival Academy is tough both mentally and physically. In order to ensure that you will be able to cope with the demands of the course, please do not apply unless you are able:

  • To maintain a steady jog for 25mins without stopping.
  • To exercise without stopping for 90 seconds mixing continuous press ups, sit ups and burpees. Two of these ’90 second sets’ should be achieved with a minutes rest in between.
  • To trek for one hour in trekking boots carrying a light 20lb daypack.
  • To be a competent swimmer

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Survival in the Highlands takes place at Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands

Alladale is a 23,000 acre “Highland jewel in the crown” that we are now proud to call a “Wilderness Reserve”. Devoid of “Munros” (hills over 3,000 feet), crofters (tenant farmers) and wind turbines, it features two mighty glens running west across some of the most inspiring and challenging landscapes in the British Isles. From the highest point of the Reserve, an unparalleled view is afforded of both the Atlantic and the North Sea.

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