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Category: Near Space Flights
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Near Space Flights

Imagine flying above 99% of the mass of the atmosphere. Imagine seeing the black sky, the stars and the Sun, the curvature of the Earth and the blue line of the atmosphere shimmering below. Imagine enjoying this over-view, not from a roller-coaster rocket ride, but from a helium balloon, comfortably seated and enjoying your favorite meal with a loved one or listening to your favorite soundtrack.

bloon is the name of the pod that will carry you to Near-Space as soon as 2015. Located in sunny Spain, the pod is currently on-going tests to turn this out-of-this-world experience into a reality. It will host 4 guests with 2 pilots who will also act as guides and will make sure your flight is as pleasant and fulfilling as possible.

The technology used has been tried and tested for the past 60 years, improved with light-weight technology that comes from the past 40 years of experience in spaceflight and aviation. High-altitude ballooning is the historical way of going to Space, but this voyage is certainly aimed at the 21st century traveler. Zero emissions, zero explosives, zero physical restrictions for infinite emotions in a peaceful and safe atmosphere.

Enquire Now For Your Near Space Encounter

Get involved early and you will be able to follow the progress step-by-step, witness high-profile events and be one of the first to experience this unique sensation of being “on the outside”.

Explore Bloon with Mantis eXtreme

The experience includes a two-night stay in our eco-friendly resort nearby the launch base. A peaceful stay to relax and sleep well, to be fit for a departure at dawn and breakfast with the stars.

The launch base will be located in Southern Spain, our eco-friendly resort nearby, offering the most comfortable and relaxing environment to enjoy your flight to the fullest.

During the two days prior to the flight, the guests will enjoy activities like learning about the flight, about the view they will enjoy, both of the stars and of the Earth. They will be able to meet astronauts, or learn more about the region. These 2 days are entirely customizable according to the interests of the guests. It can also be combined with a tour of the region and discovery of the local sites and gastronomy.

The launch base will be located South of Madrid in Spain, with many worthwile sites to visit nearby, like Cordoba, Sevilla, Malaga and Granada.

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