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Category: Mobile Tented Camps across Oman
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Hud Hud Travels

Hud Hud provides luxury, private, mobile camps and tours throughout Oman from the Hajar Mountains, the Wahiba and Empty Quarter Deserts and the coast.

Hud Hud use their years of experience in Oman to deliver sustainable, culturally sensitive, low impact tented journeys and unique experiences in the country’s most pristine and beautiful locations.

A camp in the mountains and the desert both provide a great base for those wanting to combine a stay at one of Muscat’s hotels with a foray into the Interior. For those wanting to really explore the more remote corners of this beautiful and peaceful corner of the Arabian Peninsula, a truly bespoke experience can be created.

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Your Trip

Your guide will collect you from your hotel or the airport on the first day of your trip at a pre-arranged time. You will have the opportunity to discuss the planned itinerary and speak to your guide about what you would like to experience during your time at camp, and the itinerary can be tailored accordingly. This can also be discussed ahead of your trip if you have anything specific in mind.

What to pack


Loose, light, summer clothing is appropriate for travelling during the day time, a jumper or fleece may be needed when in camp during the evenings. Although Oman is fairly relaxed, we would advise that you dress conservatively with knees and shoulders covered when visiting the local area. During your trip, you may do some walking through wadis where the ground is uneven, so we would suggest you pack comfortable walking shoes or boots along with swimwear for taking a dip in one of the secluded pools.



The camps are mobile and built just for you. Bedroom tents offer a high level of comfort with beds made with mattresses, duvets, pillows and cotton sheets, which are changed daily. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom tent positioned close-by. There is also a majlis with Arabic style seating for relaxing and meals are served at a dining table under a shade.


A picnic lunch is provided each day. In the camp, the chef will prepare a delicious 3-course dinner and a continental breakfast in the morning, complemented by a selection of freshly cooked dishes.


There is a selection of soft drinks and fruit juices in the camp, along with coffee and a variety of teas. If you would like anything specific then please let them know in advance and they will do their best to provide it.
They are not permitted to provide alcohol but will happily chill and serve anything you bring with you.
Alcohol is not readily available in the country so we suggest you pick something up at the duty free shop in the arrivals hall at Muscat Airport. Each adult is permitted two bottles.

Mobile Coverage

There is no or sporadic mobile phone signal in the mountains and none in the desert. Hud Hud do have a satellite phone for emergencies. During the day you should have a good signal when traveling. If you are expecting a call or need to make one then please mention this to your guide and they can ensure you are reachable at the given time.


While there is no power supply in the camp, other than a generator used to power refrigerators; the team are able to charge items such as mobile phones, camera batteries, etc on your behalf.

Direct times from Muscat to where we camp in the desert and in the mountains are around 2.5 hours. The distance between these two locations are around the same time. In order to see all of the sights on the way, we can spend up to 4 hours in the car, this is however broken up with frequent breaks.

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