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Military Assault Simulation Experience

Mantis eXtreme’s military assault simulation experience, involves over half a dozen aircraft, a vast array of weaponry and a pilot rescue mission of epic proportions. You will be trained in all the necessary military techniques, armed, equipped and taken on the mission of a lifetime!

Our highly specialised and decorated staff comprise, amongst others, former South African Special Task Force members, former South African Bush War pilots and a double Honoris Crux recipient.

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Friday: Participants are welcomed, shown facilities and introduced to the instructors and other clients. A general debriefing and information session will be included.

Training commences which includes:

  • Firearm training
  • Firearm movement training
  • Firearm safety training
  • Tactical fire and movement
  • Firearm battle sequences
  • Aircraft familiarisation and safety overview
  • Aircraft assault training
  • Camouflage techniques and Battlefield communications
  • Aircraft and general military tactical information sessions

Operation Day. A tactical pilot rescue mission, under enemy fire involving over half a dozen aircraft. Time to earn your stripes. Debriefing and performance feedback.

Accommodation & Facilities

Accommodation & Facilities

The base is a fully-kitted out hangar at an airfield which will be known as a ‘Forward Operating Base’ for the forces.

As in real airborne missions, it is a quick response staging area where all training and preparation takes place and forces are deployed from.

Accommodation is military themed.

All necessary facilities will be included (ie. Toilets/showers/kitchen area/beds)

All meals and refreshments are included.

Location & Directions


Petit Airfield, Gauteng, South Africa.


From O R Tambo Airport Rd, Johannesburg, 1627

Get on R21 from To Parking Rd (2.0 km/3 min)

Continue on R21.

Take N12 to Bunyan St/R23 in Benoni.

Take exit 437 from N12 (12.1 km / 7 min)

Continue on R23.

Drive to Ensign Ave (1.5 km/2 min)

Turn left onto Bunyan St/R23

Continue to follow R23 (1.0 km)

Turn right onto Ensign Ave (500 m)

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