Dive with Whale Sharks

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Dive With Whale Sharks

Hidden amongst the dunes overlooking a magnificent stretch of pristine coastline, Sal Salis is the perfect place from which to experience the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef in a way that is utterly in tune with the environment.

Each year the marine spectacle of the reef is enhanced by the arrival of the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, on its migration northwards to Asia.

The 9 tented camp, designed on strict environmental principles, is styled on Wild Bush Luxury lines that expose guests to the surrounding environment, while also delivering key luxury standards: a supremely comfortable bed; an ensuite bathroom; and outstanding food and wine.

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In keeping with our philosophy of ‘Wild Bush Luxury’, your stay at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef focuses on the wilderness around you and its marine and land inhabitants. Our luxury tent accommodation has been designed to expose you to the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.  You might spot a red kangaroo grazing amongst the dunes, listen to the beautiful song of a butcherbird or the sound of a humpback whale breaching just beyond the reef. Even better, you will be sharing these experiences with a maximum of just 17 other guests.


Sal Salis’ nine spacious Wilderness Tents are designed to blend with the surrounding dunes.  On raised platforms, they offer breathtaking views of the sea and the dunes, supremely comfortable beds, each with their own environmentally friendly en suite bathrooms.

Designed to operate in tune with the fragile environment of Cape Range National Park, we abide by the strict principles of minimal impact and sustainability. Our power is completely solar-generated, each en suite bathroom has a natureloo (marketing jargon for state of the art composting loos!), water usage is very carefully managed and we don’t allow any waste material to escape into the surrounding ecosystem.  Guests are each allocated 20L of water per day for showering, using the native herb soaps and ecologically sound shampoos that are provided.  The tents are spacious and naturally comfortable with no distractions from the modern world, therefore no mini bar, TV or telephones (being solar powered we have to be careful as to how we use our power!) are provided in the tents. It’s simple luxury that is in tune with nature – allowing you to fully appreciate this magnificent part of the World.



The main camp building is raised above the sand and you can enjoy your dinner which is set against the magnificent back drop of rich orange sunsets over the Indian Ocean.  Delight your taste buds with the contemporary Australian cuisine that offers hints of bush food and native produce, provided by our camp chef. Enjoy a quiet sundowner with the kangaroos and wallaroos who appear from the bush for their evening graze at our bar and open lounge area with a small reference library.  It is also the ideal place to relax during the day if you want to escape the heat.

 Sal Salis provides you with a unique and natural venue from which to enjoy this extraordinary spectacle of nature.  We offer guided forays to the coral reef that lie literally yards offshore,  which reveals an array of corals and colourful fish, sea turtles, reef sharks and manta rays, as well as the most famous migrants in these waters – whale sharks and  humpback whales.  Back on shore you will spot Black-footed rock wallabies, kangaroos, wallaroos and emus plus the region has an ancient geological and Aboriginal history.  In the evening you can lie out on the beach and do a bit of star-gazing, find the Milky Way in the canopy of stars stretching across the southern night skies.



Sal Salis is located in the heart of the World Heritage Area of the Ningaloo Coast on the North West Cape.  It lies approximately one hour’s drive (70kms) south of Exmouth, in the Cape Range National Park. The tents are situated a mere 50 metres back from the beach amongst the low lying coastal dunes. Two kms behind the camp lies the limestone range of the Cape Range National Park, dissected by spectacular gorges.

Notes on getting there

  1. Qantas Airlines operates a twice daily service six times per week between Perth and Exmouth and Skywest operates a daily service .
  2. Road transfers are available from Exmouth Airport and must be pre-booked. The cost of road transfers is $250 per adult return and $150 per child (5-16 years).
  3. Guests can drive to the camp; from Perth the drive can take up to 13 hours, from Exmouth Airport the drive is less than 2 hours and 1 hour from Exmouth town.
  4. Due to the large amount of wildlife in the Cape Range National Park there is a ‘no driving after dark’ policy.  Guests are therefore required to ensure that they arrive at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef before dusk.

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