Shark Cage Diving

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Shark Cage Diving

Few things compare to the adrenalin rush and exhilaration one gets from being face to face with a 3 m Great White, especially when they curiously cruise right up to the cage and eye you within kissing range!

What you can expect Going Great White Shark Diving in South Africa and more specifically a trip on the Slashfin, is a combination of goose-bump thrills, education and relaxation on a luxury boat in the company of experienced experts and researchers! They will show you how to distinguish between a male and female shark and how to identify a specific shark by its unique dorsal fin and scars.

The 20 – 25 minute boat trip to where the activity is to take place, is by itself an exhilarating ad-venture. Named after a legendary 3,3 m male shark with a very distinctive dorsal fin, the Slashfin is a unique, multi-million rand aluminium boat custom designed for speed, stability, safety and space and can comfortably accommodate 40 passen-gers and the crew at a time.

On any given day, we also usually see at least two or more members of the marine big five, Sharks, Dolphins,Whales, Seals and Penguins as well as several bird species

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Accommodation Details


Slashfin is a multi-million rand custom designed aluminium boat purpose built for viewing and cage diving with Great White Sharks. It is the first aluminium boat of its kind in the industry, specifically aimed at low maintenance, stability, speed, space and superior safety and comfort. Slashfin can easily accommodate 40 passengers besides the crew. Attention to fine detail and comfort distinguishes it from its peers in the industry- designated toilets for men and women; a canvass dressing cubicle for extra privacy; an attractive food drawer where light lunches, snacks and drinks are permanently on display; a double staircase for easy access to the top deck, etc. All diving equipment is provided and clients are guaranteed of clean, dry wetsuits and towels with the excursions. The engineer-designed, galvanised steel Shark cage can comfortably accommodate up to seven divers. The spacious top deck offers great, unobstructed viewing and a photographic platform to observe the sharks from the surface above the action. Slashfin is the most comfortable and luxurious shark cage diving boat in the country and set to redefine the industry!

Hosting and welcoming facilities

The Great White House (GPS located) in Kleinbaai, will be your welcoming host for the duration of your excursion, with secure parking, accommodation, restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, conference and education centre, relaxing garden, luxury bathrooms with hot showers, free internet access and free digital camera download facilities available for our guests. This centre is a Wi-Fi hotspot and offers truly unparalleled services in the area, and you will feel comfortable from the moment you step through our doors.

Our Difference


In the morning, before your trip to sea and while you are having your breakfast, we offer an in-depth audio-visual briefing introducing you to the local eco-system and to your excursion in our comfortable conference room equipped with a DVD player and two big screen TV’s. This will help you to become familiar with the boat, the crew, the concept of chumming and what you can expect to see during your excursion. It will also give you some guidance as to the safety issues related to boats and Shark cages. In the afternoon following your excursion, we have an optional presentation presented by one of our three Marine biologists. This presentation will give you an insight into general Shark biology and conservation, and present some of the research work conducted on White Sharks in South Africa.

Conservation involvement

Wilfred Chivell, owner of Dyer Island Cruises and Marine Dynamics, is certainly the most knowledgeable person about the ecosystem and varied wildlife found on and around Dyer Island. His care and dedication to the health of this sensitive eco-system has lead to the launch of different conservation projects for the area: The ‘Faces of Need – Artificial Penguin Nest Project’, aimed at creating 2000 artificial nests on Dyer Island; the ‘Bird Rescue Initiative’ has over the years made him the prime transporter of injured and oiled marine birds from the island to shore, from where they are transported to SANCCOB; the ‘Marine Litter Project’ aimed at educating the public and local communities about the devastating results of pollution on wildlife while also initiating clean-up operations of the coast. (See DICT)

What To Expect

Here is a brief breakdown of what to expect:

  • Before the trip guests meet at the Great White House in Kleinbaai
  • You will receive breakfast or lunch and register your wetsuit size
  • Guests receive a pre-trip safety briefing about what to expect during the trip and a biological background on great white sharks
  • We then take a 200m stroll down to the harbour to board Slashfin
  • Travel time to Dyer Island is approximately 20 minutes, with the shallows being a short 10 minute ride (where we anchor depends on where the sharks are)
  • On average, we anchor for 2 hours, but this depends on shark activity, conditions, as well as number of divers
  • Weather permitting, we take a quick trip through the infamous Shark Alley
  • Lastly, a debrief in the Great White House and a celebratory beverage to toast the occasion!

Gansbaai has a world of attractions for the marine enthusiast and nature lover. Besides the thrill of diving with sharks, there are a number of sea and island activities that will inspire the sea-farer in everyone.

For nature enthusiasts and beachcombers, Gansbaai has plenty of on-land activities that cater to couples and families alike. Gansbaai is a unique and very popular destination on the Western Cape’s “Whale Coast”.The rugged and unspoilt land-scape invites visitors to explore Gansbaai and its surrounds– from the white sands of Pearly Beach to the horse riding trails, and the exciting eco-tours offered by Marine Dynamics.

Situated almost halfway between Hermanus and Cape Agulhas, Gansbaai is both a must-see destination and a convenient starting point for travellers wanting to explore the Overberg region.

From the famous tourist town of Hermanus, known for its whale watching, to Cape Agulhas – the southernmost point in Africa – the coastal region of the Overberg offers entertaining day trips and a taste of life as it should be – relaxed, friendly and unspoilt.

Moving northward, you will discover the charming town of Stanford, nestled between some of the most picturesque nature reserves in the west coast region – the Walker Bay Nature Reserve is the largest of these and may offers nature lovers an entire day full of exploration and enjoyment.

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