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Category: Zero Gravity Flights
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Space Affairs

Many of us have dreamt of exploring the mystery of space first-hand, since childhood; and now it truly is possible!

The first commercial Space Agency in the world, Space Affairs offers these once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from their base in Russia.

From flying a supersonic jet and experiencing g-forces; to parabolic flights, experiencing weightlessness.

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Space Affairs with Mantis eXtreme


MIG29 flight

Board this two-seater jet flying through the sound-barrier or behind Mach 2! Seated in a cockpit behind your pilot, you will be trained on the cockpit equipment, and your G-Flight suit connected .

After take off, as you climb the skies, your pilot will show you acrobatic manoeuvres, guiding you through your experience of g-forces.


Who hasn’t watched the astronauts and cosmonauts floating around inside the space station and felt the tug of curiosity and a little pang of jealousy? Don’t be a bystander any longer! Experience the feeling of weightlessness, the thrill of zero gravity, and the excitement of training the way the Cosmonauts do!
Picture yourself here: 6,000 meters above the ground, above the clouds, the earth growing smaller and smaller. Seemingly paused, mid-air while rising at a steep 45 degree angle. Then you feel it: Two full G’s of force and suddenly you’re weightless! Float in the specially designed cargo bay of the Ilyushin, while the experienced instructors, from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) in Star City, share with you the secrets of weightlessness. Carefully constructed to prevent injury, you explore your weightless environment for approximately 25 seconds each parabola, then you feel it again: Gravity! You’re blasting off at a 45-degree angle again, readying yourself for another go at weightlessness.
During your flight, you will enjoy the experience of being completely weightless up to 10 times.
You can count yourself as one of the less than 4,000 who have had the privilege of this amazing defiance of earthly bounds!



You are able to book the MIG29 flight as an experience, arranging your own accommodation and surrounding itinerary. Alternatively, we have a 4-day package offer available, including accommodation, transfers, a personal guide, a city tour, flights and a DVD /CD of photos taken during your experience.
From EURO 2 640 per person in addition to EURO 17 100 per person for the MIG29 flight experience.


This four-day itinerary includes 3 nights’ accommodation in Moscow, a VIP tour of GCTC, a visit to the Yuri Gagarin Museum in Star City, Sightseeing at the Monino Air Force Museum, transfers, a farewell dinner on the last night, a DVD of your parabolic experience, and a tour guide.

From EURO 8490 per person

MIG 29 flight departs from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

ZEROG flights take off from Chalakowsky-Airbase, a short drive from Moscow, Russia.

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