The World’s First Moonlight Safari

Lugenda bush walking area

The African moon shines light and bright and beautiful – so beautiful, in fact, that it is said that the praying mantis once tried to ride upon it, to make other creatures believe he was a god. So it’s appropriate that Mantis is once again harnessing the moon, by bringing you the world’s first moonlight safari, in one of the continent’s last true wildernesses.

Picture the scene– the moon hangs huge and luminous over the Niassa Reserve, casting its magical glow over the wide banks of the Lugenda River, over rocky savannah and miombo woodland, towering baobabs and silvery scrub. In the darkness, a leopard stalks its prey, moving like mercury in the shadows. A civet hunts for eggs and small rodents, an aardvark feasts on termites with its long, sticky tongue. Up in the tall fig trees, the eyes of bush babies shine like orbs, while a Pel’s fishing owl rises and dips in the night air, snatching a frog from the river’s surface.

Few travellers experience Africa at its most pristine, fewer still have the chance to witness the way that the bushveld comes alive once the sun goes down. But then, Lugenda Wilderness Camp in Mozambique is not like other safari lodges. It’s a place for serious safari pioneers, rather than those with a Big Five checklist. Twice the size of the famed Kruger National Park, the reserve is home to Mozambique’s highest concentration of wildlife – including 12,000 elephants, lion, leopard, buffalo, eland and zebra – but it’s also an area still recovering from years of civil war. It’s wild and remote, a pocket of luxury amid a savage landscape.

Yet it’s this very remoteness that ensures Lugenda’s late night safaris are entirely free from light pollution, just you and the velvet blackness of the night sky, punctuated by swathes of shimmering stars and of course, that luminous moon. While less adventurous travellers settle in for the night in their distant cookie cutter lodges, you’ll set out with our highly skilled rangers, either on foot or in game viewing vehicles, and experience the secret life of nocturnal Africa.

From May to October 2015, Mantis is offering five day full moon packages, starting with a night at Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa, and including a private charter to Lugenda Wilderness Lodge and four nights all inclusive stay. As well as the moonlight safari you’ll enjoy daytime game viewing, adventure activities such as hiking and canoeing, rock art viewing and bird watching, as well as visits to local villages. The camp has eight luxury tents, each with its own patio deck, but fly-camping and sleep-outs under the stars can also be arranged.

  • 31 May 2015
  • 30 June 2015
  • 29 July 2015
  • 27 August 2015
  • 26 September 2015
  • 25 October 2015

Package Details

  • 1 Night at Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa; Bed and Breakfast basis, excluding beverages
  • Return transfers from the airport to Pemba Hotel
  • Private Charter from Pemba to Lugenda & return
  • 4 Nights at Lugenda Wilderness Camp; all Inclusive

Cost: $4000 per person, all inclusive from arrival in Pemba.

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